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Memberships for LAND­SCAPES are available online:

And physically in person @ Alternative Thinking


758 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON

As well as every Thursday at Round Venue:


Spring has sprung, the clocks are back on track and the days are slowly being filled with

more and more sunshine! Its just about the right time to give you all the info necessary to

help you start prepping for the first big outdoor event of the season!!

Having outgrown our regular venue for the gathering, our big news is that we’ll be making

the move to a new, larger site a little closer to Toronto — the beautiful Wholearth Farm


Along with this move we’re happy to announce the full list of performers who’ve signed on

to step up the good times and strut their stuff across 2 stages:

Some other things to look forward to …

KIND KITCHEN in full effect again this year, set up to take your food contributions

and make them into something yummy and nutritional to sustain you. Stay tuned for a list of specific

donation suggestions and requests …

FOOD VENDORS for everyone who wants a little bit more variety with snacks, tasty

treats and meat to add to their weekend diet

FILM SCREENING for the early arrivals Friday night to keep you entertained in

anticipation of all the good music to come.

ARTIST MARKET of local crafts, textiles, jewelry, various hand made goods, and art!

SOUND SYSTEM provided by alienInFlux

PHOTOGRAPHY over the weekend will be officially handled by ADPhotografe

EMR onsite to keep us all safe and well looked after

WATER available at various drinking stations – BRING YOUR OWN

VOLUNTEERING is an important part of making this gathering special. Everyone

contributes to making the event happen by assisting us in the Kitchen, with Parking and

with general Site Management. Sign­up will be at the gate

IMPORTANT — We’re also looking to enlist the help of some able­bodied volunteers who

can earn their memberships through a variety of set­up and tear down tasks. We’re

putting together a small work crew to assist in preparation on the site the weekend of:

**Friday, May 1st ­ Sunday, May 3rd**

We’ll need another crew who’ll be in it for the long haul from:

**Friday, May 8th right up till the end of the gathering on Monday, May 18th**

And one more crew of fine people willing to stick around for a few days after all the fun

and games to help clean­up and tear down:

**May 19th ­ ?**

Please inquire further at:

LAND­SCAPES is situated just under two hours east of Toronto

Always Remember To Respect The Land


No Glass­

No Fires­

No Dogs-

Click on ‘join’ on our Facebook event page:

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